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Monday, July 22, 2013
Community Service
Congratulations to the 2012-2013, and the Administrator for a job well down in receiving a "Superior" rating for the 4th Quarter.

The award was presented by Shaun M. Baile Director of Activities Moose International

Administrator's Message
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Hi, Everyone,

Well if you are reading this, we made it another year!
Hope you had a happy holiday season and may this year be even better than the last.
It’s a little quiet around here lately with all you snow birds flying south. So, with all the extra time on our hands we will be making necessary repairs to the building, cleaning, painting and just making sure we are ready for spring. I’m looking forward to introducing some new ideas to improve the Lodge experience. If you have been to another Lodge or other club that is doing something that you think would be successful in our Lodge let me know. We are always looking for ways to get our members involved. I know it’s still a ways off, but we are putting together plans for our annual Chicken BBQ which I hope will be the best one yet and with a little help from everyone it can be. I am looking for a volunteer to start a fishing tournament to be held in conjunction with the Chicken BBQ. This was always well attended when Captain Ray ran it and I believe there’s enough interest to make it successful again.
Well in closing I’d like to thank all of you who volunteer to make this a better place for those who don’t and to those who don’t I ask this, come in and see what’s going on here you might just like what you see. Don’t feel funny if you don’t know anybody or you think you wouldn’t know what to do. We will be happy to introduce you and show you around.

Take Care and Remember,
I’ll keep an eye out for ya!
Dan Battaglia
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